Endo Dental is a modern clinic specialized in dental implantology and it offers a complete service in all the fields of modern dentistry.

We guarantee comprehensive diagnostics and offer various forms of dental care, surgical procedures and cosmetic dental services.

We strive for excellence and try to offer the highest quality treatments to our patients, ensuring that they feel safe with our professional and attentive staff.

Why Choose Us

1. Quality

The services in our clinic in Albania are based on quality. We work with the best equipments and the most modern materials to keep up with the best world standards.

2. Warranty

We are aware of the added value we provide with our services. We give a 10-year guarantee on prosthetic and implantology work!

3. Prices

Our superior quality is backed up by competitive prices specially trained for the majority of our potential patients. In this way, Endo Dental, a dental clinic in Albania ensures the best solution for everyone’s problems due to dental health.

4. Security

We ensure maximum safety and comfort for each of our patients during the visit to our dental clinic in Albania. We have an individual approach for each patient and at all times we make them aware of all phases of therapy.

5. Diagnostics

To get the best possible services, our clinic is equipped with the most modern 3D Orthopanoramic (CBCT) – Soredex CRANEX * 3D . At this time it is the most precise orthopanoramic for diagnosis on the market and offers the possibility of making a diagnosis and a treatment plan as precise as possible.

6. Accommodation

We guarantee all our patients free accommodation for operations over 4000 Euros during the entire therapy in our clinic. Hotels or apartments located in the immediate vicinity of the clinic are at your disposal. Each apartment is furnished in a modern way, with free wi-fi, television, air conditioning and kitchen.

7. Transportation

Regardless of which part of Europe you are coming from, we can arrange transport to our clinic in Tirana Albania. Whether you want to arrive by air, sea or road, our logistics team is always at your service to help you.


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