Aesthetic Dentistry in Albania

Aesthetic Dentistry includes all the branches of stomatology that serve to create perfect teeth and smiles, it includes teeth whitening treatments, crown and veneer implants, and the treatment called “Hollywood smile”.

Aesthetic Dentistry in Albania

Aesthetic fillings

Endo Dental always puts your oral health first. Therefore, modern dental treatment methods and techniques are used in our clinic and state-of-the-art materials are used. For the reconstruction of the damaged tooth, due to caries or fracture of the dental crown, we use only the most modern composite fillings.

Contemporary research has shown that amalgam, which until recently was often used for dental fillings, can be harmful to patients’ health. The elements that make up amalgam, copper, mercury, silver and tin enter the human body and can cause a variety of health problems. On the other hand, if an amalgam is applied, a part of the healthy dental tissue must also be removed, while for the application of the aesthetic composite filling such a procedure is not necessary and only a part of the tooth is removed. For this reason, we at Endo Dental only use modern composite fillings made of high quality materials, thanks to which a completely natural tooth appearance is created.

Plastic surgery of the gums

In the aesthetics of the smile, the gum represents a frame. It is about the sensation of pleasure and enjoyment. In the same way, even the whiteness, the shape and the size of the dental arch can acquire their aesthetic value only if accompanied by a healthy gum. Red and swollen gums, exposed dental necks, jaw defects caused by tooth loss – all of this makes the smile ugly. Today we can remove or remedy most of these defects using gum plastic surgery measures.

Teeth Whitening

With the constant consumption of coffee, cigarettes and fizzy drinks our teeth can lose their color, even the density of the dental enamel is very important for the color of the teeth, and over the years the enamel tends to thin, and the teeth they lose their natural color.
Today white teeth are increasingly popular both in Italy and in the world, very often they signal us the hygiene and health of a person, white teeth also have a fundamental aspect in self-confidence, so they are also very important from the psychological point of view.

What is the procedure for teeth whitening?

This procedure is completely painless, indeed, very often it is pleasant for the patient. It can be done in one session or in several times. A liquid composed of potassium nitrate and fluoride is placed on the teeth, there is no need for laser sessions.
The procedure is absolutely not dangerous, it lasts a few hours with incredible results. Very often it can lead to a strengthening of the enamel and a decrease in caries.

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