Reconstructive Dentistry in Albania

Dental procedures that replace teeth which are missing, repairs damage to the teeth, treats mouth diseases or seats the jaw properly are all aspects of reconstructive dentistry.

Reconstructive Dentistry in Albania

The so-called amalgam fillings, both for the fact that they require an extensive preparation of the tooth, also for the negative characteristics that the amalgam itself presents (quantity of mercury, toxic and allergic reactions), are now part of the past. Today we use new materials such as composite, which offers us numerous shades of colors and which requires minimal preparation of the tooth. In this way the dentist is able to model the missing part of the tooth in a perfect way both morphologically and aesthetically.


With the constant consumption of coffee, cigarettes and fizzy drinks our teeth can lose their color, even the density of the dental enamel is very important for the color of the teeth, and over the years the enamel tends to thin, and the teeth they lose their natural color.
Today white teeth are increasingly popular both in Italy and in the world, very often they signal us the hygiene and health of a person, white teeth also have a fundamental aspect in self-confidence, so they are also very important from the psychological point of view.

What is the procedure for teeth whitening?

This procedure is completely painless, indeed, very often it is pleasant for the patient. It can be done in one session or in several times. A liquid composed of potassium nitrate and fluoride is placed on the teeth, there is no need for laser sessions.
The procedure is absolutely not dangerous, it lasts a few hours with incredible results. Very often it can lead to a strengthening of the enamel and a decrease in caries.

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