Orthodontics in Albania

It is important to explain that orthodontics does not only have an aesthetic role as irregular teeth do not only have an aesthetic effect.

Orthodontics in Albania

The orthodontic treatment is not only a beautiful smile; dental appliances also enable the balance of the face and the correct mastication. Regular teeth allow excellent cleaning with which the risk of caries is reduced.

First Preventive Visit

Malocclusions are usually hereditary. So in this case, early diagnosis is essential because it is very important to intervene as soon as possible to establish the right balance. The first visit to the dentist should be done at the age of seven for a child. During the school age of the child it is possible to intervene preventively, straighten the teeth and correct the development of the jaw and jaw.


In orthodontic therapy, both mobile and fixed appliances are used. The diagnosis and the age of the patient make this choice. From children malocclusions are treated with both mobile and fixed appliances, but adults can only take a fixed treatment. The fixed appliance is installed in the mouth and remains fixed on the teeth until the end of the therapy and the mobile one the patient can remove by himself.

Removable Appliance

The removable device is used in the treatment for children during the period of intensive growth, after which it is advisable to use the fixed one. The removable device is worn in the mouth 14-16 hours a day, and is not efficient without good cooperation between the doctor and the patient.

Fixed Appliance

The fixed device is made up of the attachments, the wires and the bindings. The attachments attach to the outer face of the teeth, the threads enter the central groove of the attachment and are held by ligatures. Fixed white braces are well accepted by patients. The ligatures change and so the patient can choose the ligatures of various colors with each change.

Lingual Technique

The lingual technique involves the application of an orthodontic appliance on the inner side of the teeth. Installed in this way the appliance becomes invisible. The effectiveness of these devices is at least like that of the traditional ones, and in some cases the lingual technique offers a greater speed of treatment. Lingual braces can cause some inconveniences such as irritation to the tongue and phonetic problems in the first days of therapy.

Invisible Appliance

The invisible appliance consists of transparent resin masks that cover the teeth and which must be worn by the patient for 20-22 hours a day. For the construction of the templates, dentists use sophisticated technologies and software that carefully analyze the dental structure, planning the modifications that will occur over time with the use of the templates. The whole treatment is thus planned in advance in the smallest details and through the computer. From these careful analyzes, all the masks necessary to complete the treatment are built, which will then be delivered to the patient.

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