Periodontology in Albania

Pyorrhea is an infection that affects the bone that supports the teeth, and can lead to their loss. The cause of pyorrhea (periodontitis) are millions of bacteria that live in our mouth.

Periodontology in Albania

Statistics show that 30% to 40% of the population suffers from this disease. Pyorrhea is the primary cause of tooth loss in adults. Unfortunately, pyorrhea (periodontitis) is an insidious disease that often comes with mild symptoms, and therefore most people don’t notice until it’s too late.

Causes and Diseases

Periodontal diseases (pyorrhea) are inflammations that cause the destruction of the tissues that fix the teeth, the gums, the bone and the periodontal ligament (which connects the teeth to the bone). The inflammatory alteration of the gums is called gingivitis, and if the inflammation involves deeper structures we speak of pyorrhea (periodontitis).
The cause of these diseases, in the first place is the poor hygiene of the oral cavity, that is the accumulation of bacteria (plaque), then tartar, food residues and poorly made prosthetic replacements. Periodontitis (pyorrhea) is also a hereditary disease.

Periodontal diseases (pyorrhea) can occur as a consequence of some systemic diseases (diabetes, leukemia, AIDS, etc.) or due to bad habits such as cigarette smoking.

Before starting with periodontological therapy, we educate the patient in detail on the disease, as well as on correct oral hygiene, as it is important that the patient cooperates and is motivated.


The first symptoms of gingivitis (inflammation of the gum) are redness and bleeding of the gum, which is often red and begins to bleed a little. It all starts with an accumulation of plaque (bacterial sediments) around the neck of the teeth, but also due to neglect of oral hygiene. Later the plaque mineralizes (hardens), thus creating tartar that it no longer cleans up as easily.

Periodontal Pocket

If the inflammation of the gum persists, the gum will slowly begin to retreat, and the so-called periodontal pocket will form. Once the pocket has developed, it takes a lot of effort to heal it.

Fixed Appliance

The fixed device is made up of the attachments, the wires and the bindings. The attachments attach to the outer face of the teeth, the threads enter the central groove of the attachment and are held by ligatures. Fixed white braces are well accepted by patients. The ligatures change and so the patient can choose the ligatures of various colors with each change.

Loosening of the Teeth

Further progressions of the disease lead to the degradation of the periodontal ligament and the supporting bone. The situation is already serious and can lead to loosening of the teeth. In addition to poor oral hygiene, the genetic predisposition that causes this serious disease to develop certainly plays an important role.

To prevent periodontal disease it is necessary to react in time and seek professional assistance from a periodontal specialist!

Thanks to a specialist in periodontology and modern methods, today it is possible to achieve exceptional results, and therefore to bring the treatment of periodontology into a new dimension.

Why are we the best choice for periodontal problems (pyorrhea)?

Because we are a specialized dental clinic with ISO quality certificate in periodontology, implantology, oral surgery and prosthetics. Our Center offers a complete dental service, starting from diagnostics, we are able to offer you high quality treatments and an accurate service.

At our Clinic of Endo Dental,  with our Dentists in Albania, the implantation is performed by specialists in oral surgery and implantology with many years of experience, who carry out the work professionally and with great responsibility for each patient.

In addition to the experience of the medical staff, the Endo Dental Clinic with Dentists in Albania, uses the cutting-edge technology of contemporary dentistry, both in the use of the latest generation equipment and machinery in the office and in the laboratory.

With a high level of expertise and the best service in the field of periodontology, we provide advice on oral hygiene.

Methods of treatment in periodontology (pyorrhea)

The treatment of periodontal diseases (pyorrhea) is based on the elimination of everything that causes irritation and prevents plaque from depositing, in order to eliminate gingival inflammation.

The treatment involves the removal of tartar and the cleaning of the gingival “pockets”, the removal of amalgams and poorly made fillings, as well as the replacement of old prostheses. If we are in the presence of an abscess, antibiotics are prescribed.

The prevention of periodontal diseases is carried out through the correct brushing of the teeth and the use of dental floss. Advanced-stage diseases require further treatment.

There are two methods of treatment, conservative and surgical, it depends on the opinion of the periodontist. If the conservation methods do not give satisfactory results, then it is necessary to switch to surgical methods.

Conservative methods (pyorrhea)

  • Initial periodontal therapy
  • Oral hygiene education and motivation
  • Mechanical scaling, root smoothing, curettage – removal of inflamed tissue from the periodontal pocket without cutting the gingiva
  • Surgical methods
  • Reduction of gingival pockets
  • Root curettage – removal of tissue around the root
  • Remodeling of the gingiva and lengthening of the dental crown
  • Tissue regeneration – the process of the dental tissue.
  • Bone grafts


Oral hygiene is the only prevention of periodontal diseases. The toothbrush is the first means of prevention, but the teeth are brushed according to a precise pattern:

from top to bottom for the upper ones and vice versa for the lower ones
first the upper arch, then the lower one
try to get as far as mechanically possible, being careful to insist between tooth and tooth, for premolars and molars it is also necessary to brush with rotational motion first the upper part then the lower one

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