How Much Does A Dental Implant Cost In Albania?

Dental Implant Cost

How much does a dental implant cost in Albania?

Dental Implant Cost – Why These Prices?
For many people in Italy, the costs of treating their teeth are very high, especially if you think that the retiree group is the one that most often resorts to the highest dental expenses.

Dental implant prices – it is a sensitive issue to which important issues are linked. Because in Italy the health system does not cover all the expenses for solving dental problems. (dental implant costs, dental implant costs etc)

The services, as well as the costs of a dental implant Albania , fixed prostheses (bridge on implants) and mobile prostheses (dental acrylate prostheses), with related materials, are excluded from the possibility of being reimbursed according to the LEA.

How much does a dental implant cost ?

For these reasons, more and more people are getting information on the Internet looking for:

dental implants prices, dental implant prices, dental implant cost etc.
on the costs of dentists abroad and on the single dental implant price or on the cost of a complete dental implant.

In particular, they are interested in the possibility:

of dental implants at low prices in Albania
compared to the cost of dental implants in Italy
A question arises, why is there this price difference?


SINGLE DENTAL IMPLANT – 400 € – 600 € 2,000 €
ALL ON 6 SINGLE ARCH – 3,500 € – 4,500 € 15,000 €

Why are prices so variable in dental implantology?

Speaking of cost dental implantology, a premise should be made, as medicine is always spoken about and the patient’s dental care such as caries or periodontitis, which have serious repercussions on the teeth.

Therefore, in this type of activity, the price of the dental implant is very much affected by the costs that the dentist has to provide the requested services. Living standards in Italy and Albania are not the same. Therefore a lower price in Albania does not mean poor material or poor quality. Just a few factors like rent costs, taxes, manpower, taxation, wages, etc.

The specific factors that affect the cost of dental implantology in Albania or Italy:
PLACE: all the costs of the structure have a different price in Italy, for example in the center of Milan, compared to Albania, for example in Tirana
STUDIO: the rental of a studio in a large Italian city compared to a city in Albania
QUALITY OF MATERIALS: the materials for the dental implants used by our clinic are all certified and approved by the European Union.
PROFESSIONAL UPDATE: to keep the staff up to date, continuous updates are necessary to keep up with the times and with new technologies
BRANDS OF IMPLANTS: on the market there are different brands and different cost dental implants. Specifically in our clinic we use top dental implants in the world of dental implantology. In fact, Euroteknika is one of the top 3 brands in the world.
BONE: in some cases the costs of dental implantology undergo increases, because if the quality and quantity of the bone is not sufficient, the costs of dental bone regeneration are added up. In other cases, there is a need to surgically remove old dental implants that are experiencing problems.In considering all these factors it can therefore be concluded why in Albania the implant cost of a tooth is lower than the price of dental implants in Italy. This difference can even touch more than 60% of the price.

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