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DENTAL TOURISM: we understand the growing phenomenon

For about ten years now, patients from Italy (but also from many other European countries, and others), have chosen Albania as a destination to solve their dental problems, even the most complex ones. The Dental Tourism in Albania is motivated, certainly, by cost or by the attractive prices of Croatian dentists. 
But the reasons why many Italian patients rely on dental tourism in Albania to support treatments – dental implants and more – that they could hardly support in Italy, are many and go beyond the economic advantages. We at Dentists in Albania-EndoDental   have made an in-depth analysis of the phenomenon and found the following.


The numbers speak for themselves: in the last ten years the phenomenon of health travel , with dental tourism in a focal position, has grown incredibly much. In fact, while in 2009. About 5,000 Italians were treated abroad , last year around 100,000 Italians sought an answer to their health needs, primarily dental ones.
The fact that the phenomenon of dental tourism in Albania is growing considerably speaks for itself and cannot absolutely be attributed exclusively to the savings factor. Although the prices of the interventions, especially those of dental implantology, are more than reasonable or advantageous and can be defined as ‘low cost’ compared to the Italian ones, it is the value for money combined with the experience and the choice of continuous professional and technological updating which determines the real success of the ‘dentists Albania’ phenomenon. 
It is no coincidence that satisfied patients have been recommending Albanian dental clinics to their relatives and friends for years. We at Dentists in Albania-EndoDental we have made the choice to continuously invest in our education (we continuously update ourselves on professional and technological issues by regularly attending dental conferences and seminars) as well as in the latest generation of materials and equipment. 
The economic advantages combined with the highest quality of professional performance are the secret behind a long series of professional but also human success stories: we got to know grandparents, children and grandchildren, who confidently entrusted us with their dental matters, and with whom we smiled happy at the end of dental implantology treatments, but also periodontology , oral surgery , aesthetic treatments , prosthetics and conservative dentistry.
Let’s face it: the thought of being able to take a nice trip or combine the idea of ​​solving a health problem in combination with a nice trip, greatly affects the choice to go abroad for dental tourism . Dental care of quality in combination with relaxation, well-being and leisure, detaching from the routine, possibly even accompanied by family or friends – given the affordable prices of the tourist offer – is what we can offer you if you come and visit us at the Dentists in Albania-EndoDental . 
The idea is valid and, according to those who have already experimented with the formula, it allows to make the treatment only a parenthesis in an extremely pleasant and relaxing context. And this is exactly what we hear every day at the Dentists in Albania-EndoDental , happy to be able to offer not only a smile to our patients, but also many more reasons to smile!


Finally, let’s see also ‘the secret’ of low prices. Once it has been established that the prices of dental interventions in Albania, especially implantology ones, are much cheaper (savings can reach up to 87% compared to prices in Italy), one wonders how it is possible to justify such affordable prices. Many think that the convenience of prices is dictated by the use of lower quality materials and / or equipment. But nothing could be more wrong. Materials and equipment, as well as all medical and health procedures, are fully compliant with EU standards, attested, certified and guaranteed. While,
All these factors have contributed to the success of dental tourism and affordable prices combined with the highest quality of dental services or significant economic savings without sacrificing reliability and safety. In other words, it is thanks to all the advantages of dental tourism in Albania, with decidedly more accessible prices combined with the highest quality of professional service in a dream vacation setting, that, for many people, have finally made it possible to carry out those dental care which, although most of the time absolutely necessary not only for aesthetic reasons but also for health reasons, have not in fact been sustainable, often to the detriment of one’s good health.
We at the Dentists in Albania-EndoDental– dental clinic counted among the best dentists not only in Tirana but also among the best dentists in Albania – we are here to help you make your dream of a fantastic smile – simple truth. Always combining advantageous prices, with professionalism, humanity and – why not – holiday leisure.
We are waiting for you, come and meet us personally!

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